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Summertime is a State of Mind

Summertime, And the living is easy - plays in my head. Sung by the beautiful voice of Ella Fitzgerald. Yes, it's Summer till the 21st - September Equinox and I want to embrace the season, the warmth and sunshine. As for the second verse - I choose to see the positive amidst the contagion of negativity sweeping across the globe separating families, friends and nations in more ways than could be mentioned. Everything and anything could be misconstrued and used against you during this silent yet not quiet 'global war'. Which does not mean you should keep quiet - "choose your battles wisely".

Choosing to see the positive does not mean you should ignore what's going on - because you'll still be at the effect of things you cannot control. Consciously choosing to stay positive amidst the chaos is a strength that needs to be fostered and practiced. Having a strong and positive mindset is an exercise of endurance and skill when things go the way you don't want them to. Life is a constant evolution and change. Who you be in each moment is how you alter your experience and what determines your character.

It's a good time to take in the vitamin D and strengthen the immune system provided by Sunshine and all which Mother Nature has to offer. She is the best and true doctor, pharmacist and only to her I bow. Most often asked question from my clients and friends is "how can people stay positive when they've lost their livelihoods, freedoms and possibly their health". You can have two people live through the same circumstance and have a completely different experience. Today, perhaps more then ever you gotta have grit and you gotta have wit. You gotta rethink, relearn and regroup. Trust your higher self. Not the conditioned mind. The Self is greater than the sum of your brain activity mainly from things you've recorded. The Self is infinite, connected to your soul and your heart, while your mind is but a conditioned tool.

Many things are obsolete and many shiny objects are being seen for what they innately are: meaningless. Maybe you lost the job you hated but never had the courage to quit, maybe you are sick and tired of being sick and tired or you are fed up of lies and rules. It's time you regain your courage and reconnect with your inner wisdom, see with your inner eye and create your dream job; start a new business or do your business in a new way; get control of your own health and heal yourself; step into your leadership and create the change you want to see in the world.

Make The Call your calling and make the best of it. Stop controlling the outcome and you might be surprised when you end up at an even better destination than you could have imagined. Like in the swirls of deep waters and high seas - you cannot swim against the current or you will quickly exhaust yourself, you gotta go with it and gain speed to move through it. Your experience is giving you a limited perspective and when you surrender to the unknown and flow with life's currents you gain momentum and strength to launch yourself beyond your imagination and into the infinite possibility.

Time to rise and shine like you've never done before. This is the reason you've chosen to be here and now.

Always in the HeART ♥️

Lella Satie

You can read some of my previous blogs on #positivity #motivation and self #healing techniques. I will be imparting some the wisdom I've gained over the years from my personal experience and my mentors in the upcoming Pure Energy Healing Course. I am joining the founder of the Pure Energy Healing Academy Mark Bajerski in Slovenia this September 24-27.

My go to pendant for empowerment, clearing and strength this week has been one of my favourites: the beautiful Lava Stone. For most of the Summer I've worn Shungite -great for inner peace and protection against EMF exposure.

Lella Satie

Artist, Mentor, PEH Academy Instructor, Entrepreneur


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