Survival Guide for Current Times

How do we stay positive despite the current times. Let's look for a quick answer in the meaning of words: current = running, flowing & times = era, moment, point, originally from tide = rising and falling of the sea, ebb & flow, movement... The etymology can give us a hint to let go of any significance or heaviness knowing that this too, shall pass. On a grand scale we are but a tiny spec on the infinite time-space-continuum. Nonetheless, we make a difference and what we do (today) counts. Think of the domino effect: if you place the dominos in a circle and flick the first one, they all will fall. If you remove a single domino, the chain effect of them all falling in a full circle is unlikely. Never dismiss your part in this film of great illusion. Become the scriptwriter and choose how the story evolves.


Take time to stay still, consciously focusing on breath alone. This is a form of meditation and there are many. Find the one that works for you. When you relax the nervous system you can focus your energy on finding solutions, you are more clear in mind and able to act.

Clear mind:

Practice mindfulness. Be conscious of your thoughts. Focus all your thought energy on those thoughts that will make a difference for you and your life. Avoid participating in low vibration thought or talk.

Be creative:

Look for solutions instead of focusing on the issues. You become more creative, you get more ideas flowing when you trust that you will be ok no matter what. You can see more possibilities and connect the dots of your knowledge and experience, as you listen to your intuition guided by your higher self (your spirit connected to the source).


Clean and detox your body for higher intuition and greater awareness. Clean out your system from toxins, heavy metals, EMF and other poisons that you consumed or inhaled or picked up from the environment in various ways. To act quickly and efficiently you need to be crystal clear. These are some of the tools and protocols that I use to support a clean body:

  • water fasting. I do extended water fasting multiple times a year to keep the body clean. Clean body supports a clean mind and c