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Thank You For Planting Trees With Us

Hello Beautiful Soul,

I hope you're enjoying yourself this weekend and that you're creating magical moments every day. The world is witnessing whirlwinds in all spheres of life and yet we have to remember to Live: be joyful and feel the Love. Love yourself with all your actions and live each day as the best day of the year. I like to feel that every day is my birthday.

Whatever is going on, shall pass. Sometime in the future everything will be in the record of memory. Make sure that you're writing your own mystery (my story) and not someone else's history (his story). Listen to your heart and soul and let the essence of your true self guide you. Thereafter, use your intellect to make things happen. Move, act, create and most of all - stand for something. Standing for something makes life worth living. Finding a purpose and pursuing your passions is what makes this game called life more enjoyable. The more grateful and happy you are, the more you can share that vibration with others and the more of the same energy you will attract.

The past two weeks have been truly special in a little part of the world. This is only the beginning and we have planted 200 trees on a special piece of land and YOU are part of this wonderful cause! What began as a vision is now part of Lemon House mission. We've accepted a calling to plant trees as one of our initiatives. We are part of a land preservation project. This little hilltop village used to be a forest. Over the centuries, people shaped it to its current state of partial forests woven with farm estates, arable land and some pasture fields. We will be supporting the caretaking of this land in an organic and sustainable way.

If you've ever purchased something from Lemon House Shop you are part of tree planting and other initiatives that we're part of. A portion of all proceeds from Lemon House purchase go towards tree planting, land preservation, scholarships, Crystals gifting to children and those in need; and other causes that we are part of. Thank you for making a difference in the world with us!

Love & Gratitude,

Lella Satie

Always in the HeART ♥️

Join our Beautiful Light Community & Connect with us on Social Media Facebook/Instagram @lemonhouseglobal

This week's recommendations:

BOTSWANA AGATE Wonderful crystal for restoring the emotional balance.

SACRED MIST Feel the blessing of Sacred Blessed Water.

SILICON VALLEY A great crystal to have to help with reduction of EMF effects.

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