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We are a community of mindful, well-being-obsessed people who love the Arts of Healing naturally. We source the most beautiful & powerful crystals; consciously made incense sticks; organic essential oil blends; organic & wild grown teas.

All of our products & services are made for your Body, Mind, Heart & Soul.

We prepare your orders with love & send them to you & your loved ones in a beautiful way, thoughtfully packaged.

We believe Spiritual & Healing tools can be beautiful, organic and stylish. 

We are on a mission to make a difference in the world by raising the energy & elevating powerful healing vibrations of the collective heart - love through beautiful tools used by our ancestors. 

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GARDEN OF EXCELLENCE is a Lemon House initiative to identify and select enterprises that offer exceptional products or services for the well being of body, mind and soul.


The qualifying factors include integrity of the company and their products/services, impact on mother nature, quality, efficacy and benefits of their products/services.


To inquire about LEMON HOUSE Garden of Excellence please contact us at info@lemonhouse.com

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