Find Flow in 2021

Some people are remembering who they are by their free will while others are awakened from a walking sleepful-ness by force of global impact. Either way 2021 is a year of radical action and laser focus. To surmount anything on your path strengthen yourself from within.

The stronger the body - the stronger the mind. The stronger the mindset - the stronger the emotional resilience. Stronger emotionally - stronger spiritually. Stronger in spirit makes you BE with anything while standing in your truth and power! This is why you ought to tend to your overall well being. Inner power triumphs any other perceived power. Think of great men who achieved the unthinkable while being confined. If you are affected by some form of lockdown it is time you break free. Strengthen yourself from the inside out. It is critical that you step up and do the things you know to do, to heal and strengthen your body, mind and soul.

LEMON HOUSE exists to support your overall well being and hence the insistence on instilling words on self care, self healing and self empowerment. My greatest mentors were toughest teachers. When I need an answer or a little boost, their statements ring through my mind and I have since morphed some of them into the following affirmation: "I came to this world alone. No-one is coming! It is all up to me. I rise and I act with fervour."

There is a lot of conflict and as it continues, don't get caught in the resistance. What you resist persists. The only thing you should resist and push away from you is the floor when you do push-ups. It is time for complete house clean - clean your body temple with a cleanse and strengthen it with whole foods. Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food. For a perfect cleanse recipe go to our Blog Nature's Secret Detox Drink From Ancient Egypt.

Meditate, still the mind to find clarity. Move the body to allow for inspiration to flow. Generate and create new solutions. Focus on the glass half full and you will always be abundant. Gratitude is a perfect antidote for all negative vibration, fear being the lowest of low.