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How to Make The World a Better Place?

Start with the Self.

What are you doing to make yOur life better? What are You doing to make the world a better place?

The Work.

The work on the Self is Transformational - and inevitably it impacts everything in yOur life. How you feel, how you vibrate, what thoughts you think, what actions you take. What you attract in your life is a function of All that you do for Your Self and Your Well Being. "The Work" is all of those things you know to do, to tend to your mind, body, heart & soul.

Working on self includes being a better person, kinder human and making a difference in the lives of all sentient beings as well as tending to Mother Nature.

I've written several times about my practices in the previous Blog Articles: My Healing Protocols; Getting Stronger - Feeling Better and most recently about my water fasting experience: What I Got Out Of My 20 Day Liquid Fast. Everything I do is influenced by my inner work and vice versa. You don't have to do a water fast to make a lasting change for yourself and your life. You don't have to do anything that I do. Find what works for you and take massive action, while being balanced in your body, heart, mind and soul. How you get to where you want to go in your journey of life and what practices you take - is up to you.

I've noticed that when I change - the things around me, my experiences AND the people in my life change! How is that possible? If you know anything about the Universal Laws - this makes sense. However, you can intellectualize all of your life and it won't make an iota of difference for you. The only time any information makes a difference is when you Apply it. Said in another way: when you take Action is when your knowledge becomes wisdom.

For any meaningful or measurable change in your life, you have to be consistent in your Doings. If not, it will be like watching the game of tennis, and knowing every rule and everything about the game, but none of it will make you the world's number 1 tennis player. You have to train every single day, for decades, only to have a Chance at winning the Grand Slam, let alone climbing to the top of the ranks. That's why there aren't that many people like Novak Djokovic. Not many of us employ the strength nor the will power, nor DO Whatever It Takes. Being a professional athlete is a tremendous work: Living a happy, healthy, balanced life, is easy - when you really want it! Whatever you believe you can achieve - you can! And if you believe you can't - you will be right.

The question of the day, year, century and the History of Humanity at present is: What will you do to make the world a better place? The answer is simple and it's in the first line of this article: Start with the Self.

Witness the Difference.

When you put into practice that which you know is right, you will witness the change. You cannot have two masters. If you know what is right, but you resort to doing what is easy - you will be selling yourself short and losing the battle. You will feel worse - for knowingly choosing the wrong path. And you will extend the suffering. If you aren't balanced, happy or fulfilled from within - you will be triggered by things outside of you; you will get angry, stressed, upset and even depressed.

Every time I do the inner work, I feel, sense and experience an expansion in my life. I receive the fruits of my labour and I see others in my environment doing their part as well. The more I change the more people around me, things and situations change in the same direction. I take them on my journey and better yet - they want to get on my train of joy, life and experience. My train is aligned with my values and whoever steps onto the wagon is accountable for the same.

Food for Thought.

While living in the information age, being ignorant is a choice. With all the "information" out there - you gotta have a level of critical thinking, intuitive awareness, be woke and summon the power within to discern Truth from Fiction; Deceit from Goodness; Darkness masked as Light; E-v-i-l from L-i-v-e : same letters different arrangement. One meaning sinister, dark, manipulative and the other meaning Life, Light and Love.

Are you astute enough to know the difference? Are you lead to Be-LIE-ve Or are you following your own Heart, Spirit & Higher Self. The mind is susceptible to programming and is but a servant to the master (the master being the one who engineered the program, not the one housing the brain).

Are you doing something about your state of being or are you waiting for someone else to tell you what to do and recommend what is good for you.

Be the change you want to see in the world. The tipping point begins with you - and it only takes the 1%. Are you one of the 7.67 million?

Always in the HeART ♥️


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