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Lemon House Crystals

All crystals are beautiful yet some are prepared in a special way. This is how Lemon House crystals are chosen and worked with. We source them from people whom we've built relationships with. They have a certain appreciation for crystals like we do. A lot of times we see a new crystal and think "Wow, this is the most beautiful crystal". Sometimes we have to resist the urge to add another piece to our personal collection. We find joy in being the source of special crystals for our clients and we like to offer the best. That's how we don't end up wearing them all and keeping to ourselves.

When we choose from the same kind of crystal, we are drawn to them not merely for their physical beauty, but the beauty of their energy. Think of a piece of fruit. You may pick apples from the same tree and each one will taste slightly different, depending on how ripe it is, which side of the tree it grew on, the sunny side or in the shade. Each one will have a different character, taste, shape and colour. This is similar to finding crystals of the same kind and from the same source.

When we choose the crystals we don't randomly select "a bunch". We hand pick each one, feeling its energy and admiring their beauty of the vibration, only then we look at the shape, colour and texture. We then begin to work that special touch to add to the crystals. We have Lella Satie or Mark Bajerski work their magic through the Art of Pure Energy Healing. We use crystal singing bowls, Sacred Incense, Sacred Mist and Sacred Oil to add their magical energy. We let the nature cleanse and clear the crystals with the elements of sunshine and the sea. When they are ready, only then they are placed onto our website for you to see.

We photograph the crystals in a natural light. Iridescent crystals express their character and show their many colours differently in direct sunlight than in the shade. All crystals are handled with love and care by our beautiful Team at Lemon House. We appreciate all of our clients. We do the work with much respect for the way the crystals chose them and how they were guided to our online shop. Often times this is a beautiful ongoing relationship. We feel blessed and honoured for all the beautiful messages we receive in a way of testimonials. We get to know our clients and we dance with joy knowing that our products have made a difference in their life. It keeps us motivated to keep doing the work that we do.

Let the crystal choose you. You may browse through the images of crystals and allow your intuition to choose which crystal is right for you. To discover a specific healing property of a crystal, use the search button to enter a keyword found in description of the crystal.

Thank you for choosing Lemon House. With much love and gratitude,


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We are all excited about the upcoming Pure Energy Healing Course Beginning next Thursday January 28, 2021. Sending our love to all the Course Participants and the Pure Energy Healing Academy Team.

This week's recommended products:

We choose the following crystals for their energy of Love, Peace, Serenity and Self Healing.

We'd love to hear from you! Let us know about your Lemon House experience, ask us a question or leave a comment below.

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