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A Perfect June Afternoon & Secrets From My Garden

Hello Beautiful Soul,

We trust that you are doing wonderful and enjoying the warm sunny days if you're living North of the Equator. And if you're South of the zero line then we hope you're having a cozy and lovely Winter. We love to know that our clients are from far and wide parts of the world.

Though it's 29°C/84°F I'm sipping on the ever so amazing Liberty Tea. It's got the earthiest flavour of the three teas from the Variety Tea Collection. My favourite tea from Lemon House is the one I'm drinking at the time. This is how I feel about a perfect meal or a perfect drink. I listen to my body and serve it what it wants to have. The caveat being - when I'm clean in the body i.e. after a detox or a fasting protocol. When you are clean - your body will only choose clean foods and drinks. When you are toxic, the body will crave unhealthy options and it will feel insatiable.

What is a perfect June afternoon for you? A perfect June afternoon for me is the moment of creating my work while I sip on Lemon House tea - it keeps me satiated and full if I'm not ready for the next meal. The Serenity Tea is not only great for the immune system it's amazing served cold - with a touch of honey or as-is, it's a yummy iced tea. In this perfect June afternoon I also include a meditation instead of a siesta, and what a perfect moment for a Spirituality Tea - our blend especially created for a morning or evening meditation. And of course a lovely walk before the sunset as the heat subsides.

What I've been up to this Spring leading into Summer which is already here, though the calendar will confirm so on June 21st, is creating a planting plan for two organic farms and planting a veggie garden from seeds with my own hands. I grew up with grandparents who lived on a farm. Being around them I learned a lot by play and observation. Now as if by magic, all that knowledge showed up for me as I put it into practice with a little guidance from my friends and family. My grandparents must be proud looking from heavens and I do feel the spirit of my nana guiding me. I cannot express enough how amazing the feeling is to see the little seed babies grow into springs and take form of a beautiful vegetable, organically grown in my own care. I've always expressed my gratitude for food preparation before a meal in a form of a blessing and a prayer. Now the food cycle has a whole new meaning. It is divinity in a pure form and a blessing in action. Every day you can witness the progress of growth and transformation. Give thanks to the process of real-food cycle (not to be confused with processed-food) and bless the beautiful people who choose to work the land, pick the fruits and deliver to your local markets and stock your grocery stores. May they enjoy a happy, healthy and fulfilled life.

Purslane - wild herbal vegetable

The first thing I tasted from my garden is actually a wild grown healthy plant which has been accused of as being one of the most invasive weeds. It's name is purslane (latin - portulaca comune). It's a superfood - as all real foods are. Purslane is a nutritious and delicious herbal vegetable. Try looking for it in little cracks by the road. If you re-plant it into your garden or balcony, it will be an endless supply of your secret delicacy for a fresh salad or a steamed greens mix. Dress it with a bit of lemon juice, sea salt, garlic and extra virgin olive oil and voila! It's leaves are meaty and the stems are crunchy with a gentle but specific and almost citrusy flavour.

Lightly steamed purslane - topped with fresh garlic, drizzled with fresh lemon juice, extra virgin olive oil & sprinkled with sea salt & love

Here is my little secret that I will treasure in my heart as a meaningful little story. A couple of months ago as I was in the process of preparing the garden, the seeds and thinking of all the beautiful plants that I will enjoy, I had a wish. I expressed it in a form of a prayer - I asked the heavens for purslane. I asked for it to somehow magically appear on the land. Where I am on the coast of Spain I never saw it before. I asked around and people didn't even know what it was. It's not likely you will find seeds for it because it's a wild grown plant - so I asked the Spirit/Cosmos/God/The Great Energy (whatever you want to call it). This was one of my favourite greens in childhood and it holds a special memory because I used to pick it with my favourite person in my world - my nana. She showed her love and care by fulfilling all my wishes and always surprising me with the goodies that I loved. Weeks went by and I forgot about purslane. I took a walk to my herbs to give them some water when I got overwhelmed with joy to see the baby purslane gently sprouting in the Exact place where I made my wish and asked for a miracle! How amazing the Cosmos is! I got the feeling of her magic and I know my nana had something to do with it. Since that first stem, I'm now in purslane heaven. It's growing in other places in the garden and spreading every day.

If you ever thought of planting your own foods - don't wait, do it now! Even a little pot on a windowsill, a vertical planting sack for the wall is enough to start this project. I wish you a beautiful and meaningful Summer.

P.S. I'm working on my fun & healthy vegan recipe book. I've asked my friends on Instagram and I'd like to ask you: Would you prefer a downloadable e-book or soft cover version?

Blessings, Love & Gratitude,

Always in the HeART ♥️

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