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Finding The Balance Between Spiritual & Physical

Hello Beautiful Soul,

I hope you're enjoying Spring. It's my favourite Season 'cause everything is in bloom, cause of the energy of the Sun, high vibration and renewal. Though I feel every day is my birthday - May brings a little extra sentiment. It's almost mid-year and it's a great time to reflect, reset, renew and recharge. We can either adjust the sails or keep moving in the current direction.

We are spiritual beings, living in a physical body and world. This requires a certain balance between these two opposing vibrations. Being fully in the flow all the time doesn't serve your physical needs, and working only from the constraints of the mind restricts your other realms of being. If you struggle to find this balance, the best thing is to work on yourself. It's never too late to start again and it's never too late to be yourself.

To have a fresh new start you have to do things that you haven't done. Being true to oneself gives you the ultimate power and grounding. You will know what to let go of - because it doesn't resonate with your soul and you will know what to grow - because it's what makes you happy.

Finding balance between the physical and spiritual being is often a path of self discovery and personal development. There are many ways to transformation and here is a few:

  • Develop new skills

  • Heal the body, mind, heart and soul

  • Find a mentor

  • Take a transformational course

  • Read great books

  • Watch powerful videos

Knowledge won't make a difference until put into practice. Action is the key to wisdom.

To find motivation and inspiration - look inside. What is your why? What moves you? Who are you really? What is your life for?

Being a conscious creator means that you're seeing and feeling the future you want to live in the now. The holy grail is to feel now how you think you would feel if you had ____ (fill in the blank) or did _____ (fill in the blank). Most people miss this simple yet crucial step - or they have a reasonable excuse for why they can't feel that way. If you want to find balance between the physical and spiritual, you have to master your emotions, clear your thoughts and strengthen the body. Allow to have emotions (for as long as you say so). Don't allow them to ru(i)n your life. You will always have thoughts - just choose which ones you'll honour. Taking time to heal and strengthen the physical body is a must if you want to experience vitality and longevity.

Make a resolve to start your new life now and be consistent with the actions you take. Take a challenge - do any new steps that will make you stronger, healthier, wiser for 30 days and then you will reap the reward of building a new habit and creating a momentum.

Bonus Tips:

The fastest way to letting go of toxins in the body and mind is to go on a fast.

The fastest way to loose weight is to go on a fast. The fastest way to connect to the soul is to go on a fast.

The fastest way to establish a new relationship with your body is to fast.

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