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Spring Cleaning Your Temple

Hello Beautiful Soul,

I got honey in my hair and I'm walking the rainbow bridge! I washed off the honey and egg yolk hair mask (after 30min) and then rinsed my hair with sage tea and apple cider vinegar, and my hair has never felt better! It feels silky like corn hair. I have never had a product or even a hair salon treatment that has made it this shiny and silky. And this recipe I found in the great book of wisdom, my go-to bible for Health and Wisdom by Don Dolman: The Farmacist Desk Reference. If you haven't gifted yourself and your family this timeless Encyclopedia of Whole Foods and Medicine that you will reference for many years, I strongly recommend it. It's a collection of natural healing ways and ancient wisdom principles for health, wisdom, longevity and vitality in over 1,700 pages that you can download immediately. Then just open the files and enter a word search.

Every year I do a few detox protocols, to cleanse my body and support my immune system and the growth of healthy cells. My favourite time to cleanse is at a transition of Seasons. I started my Spring Cleaning on Spring Equinox. After 11 days of fasting on water (with all the water fasting protocols) I've transitioned to a 7 day juice fast. I'm on day 5 of Walking the Rainbow Bridge juice fast. This is a juice fast where I'm drinking the foods of one colour each day. Starting with red on day one, to orange on day two, followed by yellow, green, blue, indigo and violet. Though juicing and cleaning up the juicer can get messy and laborious I'm truly enjoying this experience as I've prepared myself for the journey and I know why I'm doing it. This time I'm adding a few new body and health care steps, like the hair treatments and I'm ever so amazed by how truly divine mother nature is and how all we need to nourish our body inside-out is in nature.

If you're not ready for a fast and you would still like to detox this spring - consider doing the Liver Cleanse. Our Liberty Tea is specially formulated Organic, Wild Grown Tea blend to support the liver cleanse and detox. It's a drink for health, longevity and vitality! Liver is a vital organ that cleanses and purifies the blood. Supporting liver health is always a great idea!

Blessings, Love & Gratitude,

Always in the HeART ♥️


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This week's recommendations:

ENCYCLOPEDIA OF WHOLE FOODS & MEDICINE A must-have health book for any family.

LIBERTY TEA Organic, Wild Grown Tea blend for Liver support and detox.

VARIETY PACK Try all three Wild Grown Tea Blends: for Meditation, Immunity & Detox.

NEW CRYSTALS New beautiful healing crystals!

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